Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Lens!

From time to time one must add a tool to the toolbox. A tool that helps one up their game. This week we ordered a super telephoto lens from Canon. The 400mm F5.6 L lens. It's a bit of a monster, for example as a delicate handling issue-You don't hold the camera and mount this lens. You hold the lens and mount the camera. The lens is heavy enough that it's mass could damage the bayonet mount if done too fast or badly.  Another clue is that the lens has it's own tripod mount, the camera just hangs off the back. It's possible I will get one of those dual mount adapters for the most steady solution.

We took a few test snaps, this is one of them. Simple subject-Tonight's moon.  The image was cropped, clarity and contrast applied with a light touch. On my 7D 400mm is really 640 mm. F5.6, ISO 320, 1/400th of a second exposure. Obviously a very bright moon last night!

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