Monday, December 30, 2013

California South Coast Tidepools

Just a tad north of Laguna Beach there are spectacular rocks and nice beaches. The December neap or low tides are a sight to behold. One can just clamber out on the rocks and take it all in. Donna and I took the cameras and our macro lenses and had at it. Low tide was at high noon, so the light was a little harsh. Not too bad as the winter sun is still low enough to throw long shadows at our latitude. But ask any photographer about noon light and you'll probably see a wince before the answer.

Looking at the rocks where we got most of the shots.

The Notch.
 Those mussels were about knee high.

 love the texture the receding water leaves behind. 
Until the tide comes back anyway.

As the waves came and went the seaweed would 
get into this spiral pattern, moving as fluid as the seawater.

 Anemone Base

The anemone of the day.
Closer view of anemone. Got so close with the 60mm lens
 I stck my left index finger out ahead of the lens to
be sure I'd  not get it into the salt water. 
But still as close as I could get.

Life grows upon life at sea.

Mussels abound.

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