Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Studio Jewelry Photography Has A Serious Challenge

I have a career in the raw material part of the fine jewelry biz. I work up alloys for jewelry. Mostly pretty ordinary if fine jewelry in 14kt or 19kt. But from time to time they let me do some developmental work. I have made a few but the next two warranted a full test bed design. Those are 95% pure gold that has good strength despite high purity and most recently a variation on the rare purple gold in about 19 karat. More info can be found at

I am working with a couple of designers. Andrea or Annie K Jewelry also of did the yellow and white components. Daniel Christe of Kesslers diamonds did the purple disc that I cast in purple gold.CAD was the way to go, so we have these gorgeous renders of what we have not even cast yet. Well the purple disc is done but not the rest.

Andrea did a wonderful render of the pendant that I will share here with you. If you are a product photographer this will give you the chills. Top is assembly view. Middle is the back. Bottom is the beautiful front. It is a design made to cradle and protect the purple gold which is brittle like glass by unavoidable nature or physics. So the design was made with that limitation in mind.

In any case photographers are facing a challenge. A very capable digital challenge. Own the light my friends. Own the light.

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  1. This photo looks amazing! Who made the post-processing? I was looking for somebody who can make a good post-process. Congrats!