Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super Moon

The Super Moon as seen from Los Angeles.
All the shots were done with my Canon 7D, with a consumer grade telephoto lens. 75-300 so on my camera with it’s APS-C sensor that is really 135-540. Someday I’ll get one of the really good long lenses. But they seem to start at $2000! Used my tri pod of course. Funny thing, had to mount the camera backwards on it to tilt up enough.
ISO 125. Exposure 1/20 & Aperture f20 to get less blur on the foreground. The moon is so bright you wind up manually cutting way back on the exposure as the meter averages in too much night sky.
To get light on the foreground I used a Speedlite 430ex. Cranked that all the way up. +3

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