Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New 2016

2015 Came in with promise and challenges. It faded away with more the color of the latter than the former, at least for me. This year truly looks like a better brighter year for most of us. I was simply in no mood for a noisy celebration this year family matters have rendered this season a somber one.

So say hello to 2016. We drove hours up to to Long Pine for this shot, among others of course. But this shot was literally my first frame shot in the new year so it gets a post all it's own,

Metadata-Alabama Hills park. Time, about eight in the morning. Oh I can assure my fellow Canon fans that the camera runs well at a mere ten degrees Fahrenheit. I mean that was chilly! Canon 7D II, 400 mm Telephoto. F 10 1/8000 shutter. ISO 800.

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