Sunday, November 9, 2014

Taking Control Of The Light

If you are a landscape photographer you pretty much wait for early and late light, or nature to bring the good light one way or another. Adding a little fill flash is hardly an option when taking an early hours image of the western Sierra foothills at sunrise. 

Studio photographers own their light. They set up as they wish. Me, well I had to rent. Many thanks to the good folks at wooden Nickel where I rented a small Arri light kit. The "baby kit". 1 light (1000 watt) with barn doors, scrims (light reducing filters in 1 stop increments) and 2 more lights at 650 watts. We used it all. 

After shooting the fires of manufacturing so many times I wanted to step it up, "own" the light so to speak. With crucial assistance from Kevin we got underway. Kudos to him for the setup. Me.... Well I gave him the camera settings from past experience and coordinated composition. And BTW I'm the guy in the silver suit. That was pretty interesting, I have renewed respect for Jose and Robert who work that furnace a couple hours a day at least. 

Meta-Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Tamron 18-200 mm lens.  Mostly shot at 10 frames per second. We accumulated well over 1000 frames. Shutter priority at 1/8000th. ISO 6400. Tungsten white balance. Evaluative metering. These are first look at the results. One down side of the newness of the camera is Adobe does not yet have the plugin for the CR2 files. Note to Canon-I am not impressed with your conversion software. These are entirely "as shot". 

The lighting, the contrast the color is all natural. My preferred style. 

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Hit The Gas

In Your Face

Keep In Touch!

Grab A Piece Of Fire

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